COVID-19 has affected almost every industry, and no application to our Rapid Response and Recovery Fund has been the same. Most of our efforts have been focused on responding to businesses in crisis, with a need for working capital to survive the pandemic. However, there are unique cases where we receive an application focused on recovery. We were excited to support Alt Space, a new coworking space in Telluride, which will provide crucial support to local businesses and professionals during and post-pandemic.

We spoke to Bonnie Watson, Co-Founder of Alt Space about why she and her partner decided to start a new business as part of the Telluride recovery efforts.

Tell us about Alt Space!

Alt Space is a coworking space founded by myself and my partner (Brian Watson) located in downtown Telluride. We opened our doors in early January! It is a recently renovated space which includes 2,700 square feet of open-plan workspace, small and large offices, phone booths and conference rooms. We have all office needs for remote working – desks, photocopiers, printers, unlimited coffee and also 24/7 access to the space and 1.5 GB internet.

Why did you decide to start a coworking space in Telluride?

Previously, there was a coworking space in Telluride called Telluride Works that was closed down due to the pandemic. Telluride Works was a huge asset to the community and its closure has been felt by many. We know we need a coworking space and given our backgrounds in coworking and building businesses, it was a no-brainer. The number one reason to open a space is to create a reliable place for people to work. A place where they have 24/7 access, reliable fiber (1.5 gigs) and unlimited coffee. A place where they can get away from the distraction of home. But the bigger picture and maybe the most important significance of a coworking space is to create community. A space where people can meet up for networking events, etc.

What impact do you hope the coworking space will have for the community?

We hope that we can create a community of like-minded people and continue to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as provide a professional space for people to work with all the amenities included. We want to continue to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Telluride and physical space is a great way to do that.

We can’t wait to see how Alt Space supports Telluride’s recovery from COVID-19.

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