We are super excited to welcome Yani to our team. She will be a great asset to our community of entrepreneurs.
— Azarel Madrigal, Acting Executive Director / Program Director

Tell us about yourself and why you are passionate about small business /entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about small business / entrepreneurship because I have been part of individuals who have turned their hobbies into small businesses and have been successful. To be part of someone else’s dream makes me feel like I can make a difference even if it’s providing some resources to help them establish their business.

Why do you think FSWCF’s mission is important?

FSWCF’s mission is important because in the rural areas of Colorado there aren’t as many resources that a business owner would need to start up their business. I’m glad we can provide additional technical assistance other than financing for start-up businesses.

What will your role at FSWCF entail?

My role with FSWCF entails assisting individuals with applications, financials, educational workshops, and translating material as needed.

What are you most excited about for your new role?

I am most excited about being able to help individuals start their businesses and be a resource once their business is up and running. Also, to be a resource for those who have an existing business and would like additional information.