Congratulations to Masani’s Beauty LLC and Sangre De Cristo Banking Company, two of the 11 recipients of our Small Business Grants! First Southwest Community Fund, in partnership with the Colorado Startup Loan Fund, recently offered small business grants of up to $15,000 for underserved small businesses located in rural Colorado. We were overwhelmed by the response to this grant award (we received over 360 applications!) and so grateful to learn about all the amazing work of our small business community.

Moriah Arthur of Masanis BeautyMasani’s Beauty LLC, located in Durango, CO, is a Navajo and woman-owned clothing business that celebrates indigenous dress worn by our elders through contemporary sewing using culturally traditional fabrics/material.

“This funding will take my business to the next level after completing some business training & becoming a new mom. This grant will allow me to catapult my small business within the local & Native communities.”
Moriah Arthur, Owner, Masani’s Beauty LLC


Cañon City’s Sangre De Cristo Baking Company, owned by Breanna Ortiz, is a French-trained cottage bakery dedicated to delighting the community with a diverse range of treats. From specialty cakes and artisan breads to tempting cookies and authentic French pastries, their creations embody the artistry of classic French baking.

“This grant is a crucial stepping stone for our bakery, enabling us to acquire essential equipment for either a storefront or a mobile unit. With the capital, we plan to not only support operational costs but also invest in strategic marketing, laying a solid foundation for our business to thrive.”
Breanna Ortiz, Owner, Sangre De Cristo Baking Company



Additional winners include:

Por Dia Preschool and Learning Center
Cortez, Colorado

This grant is going to help provide a new fence to our facility, as the fence we have is too short, and over 40 years old. To ensure the safety of the children at our facility, this has been a needed project for some time but we were unable to complete it until receiving these vital grant funds.

Mojos Coffee
Ouray, Colorado

This grant will literally keep our doors open during a time when business drops as much as 60%. It gives us a marketing budget, and a larger payroll budget, enabling us to expand our reach, and retain our staff. It allows us the opportunity to expand our local merchants line and support local artisans.

San Luis Valley Pet Care LLC
Alamosa, Colorado

This grant will help my business by providing the funds to launch dog training services, including marketing/advertising, and rental space for group classes. This will likely become the most profitable service, as group and individual training classes are highly sought after in the San Luis Valley. Additionally, it is my hope that the training program will generate a stable enough income to allow me to work my business full-time, as well as hire additional help to expand my customer base.

10-41 Apparel
Rocky Ford, Colorado

This grant will allow 10-41 Apparel to cover operating costs so that the funds in hand can be used to purchase inventory necessary for the winter months. Without having to worry about rent or utilities for a few months, our focus can be redirected on building a successful start-up. This grant will allow 10-41 Apparel to hit the ground running and provide high-quality apparel and equipment just in time for the cold months ahead, ensuring our responders have what they need to do their jobs safely.

Tumbleweed Bread
Monte Vista, Colorado

With this grant we will be able to purchase a large stone flour mill. The ability to increase production will allow us to expand our offering of breads, savories, and sweets, as well as create a unique product line of organic, whole grain flours available for the home baker. As a small, rural business, diversifying our offerings will increase our chance of success in the long term.

Select Mobile RV Repair, LLC
Parachute, Colorado

Select Mobile RV Repair plans to invest in a dedicated work van equipped with shelves, tool compartments, and efficient parts storage. This essential asset will enhance our mobile repair services and increase operational efficiency. Moreover, a portion of the grant will be allocated for technical assistance, specifically covering CPA fees, to fortify our financial planning and business strategy, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive RV repair industry.

Minimal Impact, LLC.
Silverthorne, Colorado

This grant will significantly benefit our business in several ways, addressing critical needs and facilitating strategic growth opportunities. We will be able to provide steady income to our current part-time employee, and offer her additional hours, cementing her position while we develop her role into a full time one. Additionally, the FSWCF grant will aid our company’s growth as we will be able to further our position in the community by gaining a much-needed leadership training, and craft our products to a higher quality by purchasing more professional equipment for our small-scale manufacturing operations.

Yula Cisneros Montoya LLC
Alamosa, Colorado

This grant will help me expand my business to reach more clients and perhaps even consolidate the Pilates and dance into one space. I am a female Latina entrepreneur who provides services to a clientele who are mostly girls, young women, and women over 50 years old. By helping my business, the fund will also be providing support to two populations that are frequently marginalized in our society– girls and older women. I provide a service that helps in their self-esteem, self-expression, and mental health. This grant will be providing much more than supporting a Latina led business, it will be providing valuable services to other women and youth.

Omni Bagels
Durango, Colorado