Board of Directors

Kent Curtis
Kent CurtisPresident
JJ Desrosiers
JJ DesrosiersBoard Member
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz GarciaBoard Member
Liz Thomas Hensley
Liz Thomas HensleyBoard Member
Erin Keck
Erin KeckBoard Member
Jason Medina
Jason MedinaTreasurer
Christie Spears
Christie Spears Secretary

Interested in joining our board? Please click here to contact Kent Curtis.
Board Member Duties

  • Fiscally responsible for FSWCF’s nonprofit activities
  • Oversee and guide strategic, financial and programmatic priorities
  • Serve on the FSWCF Loan Committee (review and approve/deny loan requests to FSWCF programs)
  • Serve on special committees as required by FSWCF programming or operations (e.g. Governance Committee)
  • Review and approve quarterly financial reports
  • Act as a community ambassador for FSWCF and FSWB

Level of Commitment: 3-5 hours/month

  • Monthly board meetings (2 hours, remote) with the exception of November and December, with one in-person meeting per year (travel & accommodation is paid for in-person meeting)
  • Review 5-7 loans per month
  • Participate on additional committees/initiatives as required e.g. serve on a local grants committee or hiring committee

Board positions have a 3 year term, and are voluntary and unpaid.


Rosy Aburto McDonough
Rosy Aburto McDonoughExecutive Director
Tanya Perea Doose
Tanya Perea DooseDirector of Programs
Jeannie Beier
Jeannie BeierDirector of Lending
Yani Rodriguez
Yani RodriguezLending Specialist
Naya Rodriguez
Naya RodriguezLending Specialist