Why did you decide to become a FSWCF board member?
Over the years I have seen the amazing contributions to our community from the FSWCF. With a Chamber lens, and also the lens of heelping with the SBDC as a consultant, I know the impact this oranization has made and that many entities wouldn’t be where they are without it. So, when I heard there was an opportunity, I was immediately interested and am honored to have been selected. I want to do all I can to support the work the FSWCF does for our community and beyond.

What about FSWCF excites you the most?
The FSWCF is in a unique position to help businesses and entrerepeurs who otherwise woudn’t have that opportunity. This organizatio makes a measurable difference, and to be able to be a part of that is beyond exciting.

Are there any local businesses that you know that have benefited from FSWCF?
Countless! Especially through my Chamber and SBDC connections, not only do I know of many who have benefited, I also know of many who likely wouldn’t even be here without them. 

What does it mean to you to have an entrepreneurial spirit?
To me, it’s all about the passion and drive to create a vision, and to do everything possibile to overcome hurdles and make that vision a reality. It’s making things happen regardless of the circumstances. 

What is it about rural Colorado culture that is so unique to small business success and

It’s incredibly special in the sense that we are truly what emobodies the word “community.” Where many place have begun to lose connection, we are families, friends, and neighbors. We push through challenges and support eachother. 

What experiences, skills, and resources are you most excited to share with FSWCF?
I’ve worked with businesses and entrepreneurs in many capacities for a very long time. I know it takes a lot to be successful. It takes building a network, marketing, and access to resources to make things happen. Through the experience that I have, I can help connect those who need it to those opportunities.