Azarel Madrigal
Azarel MadrigalExecutive Director

Currently serving as the Executive Director for the First Southwest Community Fund, Azarel oversees an impressive 18 million dollar impact loan fund aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and fostering equitable access to capital for underserved communities. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving positive change and creating opportunities for individuals who have historically faced barriers to financial resources.

Azarel is one of 30 Colorado business executives and community leaders named as 2023-24 Colorado Governors Fellows. The program gives private and nonprofit sector leaders the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Colorado state government and statewide public policy issues. She also successfully completed the prestigious Boettcher Foundations Doers & Difference Makers Fellowship, a rigorous nine-month program designed to recognize, honor, empower, and establish valuable connections among exceptional community leaders throughout the state of Colorado.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Azarel was honored with the title of “Exceptional New Alumna” by her alma mater in 2022, showcasing her dedication to personal and professional growth. She continues to strive for excellence, pushing boundaries, and inspiring others through her relentless pursuit of equity and justice.

Throughout her career, Azarel has actively engaged with various community and economic development projects. She notably participated in the esteemed Colorado State Department of Locals Affairs Best & Brightest Program, where she collaborated with the City of Monte Vista on numerous initiatives to uplift the community. Her hands-on involvement and strategic insights have yielded impactful results, empowering local residents and fostering sustainable growth.

Azarel holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Adams State University in Alamosa, a testament to her academic prowess and dedication to furthering her knowledge in the field. During her time as a student, she actively participated in student government and served on ASU’s Board of Trustees, demonstrating her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to creating a positive campus environment.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Azarel remains an engaged and active member of her community. She has contributed to grassroots political campaigns, amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and serves on many advisory committees and boards. Azarel has a profound appreciation for travel and finds great enjoyment in attending live concerts, relishing the transformative power of music and the communal experience it provides. She cherishes her time spent with her dogs.

Azarel Madrigal’s unwavering passion, coupled with her expertise in community and economic development, makes her a formidable force in her field. Her tireless dedication to promoting equitable access to resources and improving the lives of marginalized communities continues to shape her career, leaving a lasting impact on all those she serves.