We are delighted to announce the addition of Beatriz Garcia to our Board of Directors.

Beatriz is such an inspirational innovative community leader. Her work with the immigrant community is so important. Beatriz has been a huge part of the development of the Fortaleza Fund. I am thrilled to have her expertise and lived experience on the First Southwest Community Fund Board.
-Azarel Madrigal, Executive Director

Beatriz Garcia headshotWhy did you decide to become a FSWCF board member?

Yo quiero ser parte de Board porque trabajando de cerca con comunidades históricamente marginalizadas y/o discriminadas, puedo dar voces a quienes por muchos años no han tenido oportunidades de crecer.

What about FSWCF excites you the most?

We see faces and the real impact that our funds have in our communities. We help others pursue their dreams including working families, immigrants, women entrepreneurs and many others. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that!

Are there any local businesses that you know that have benefited from FSWCF?

Tacos Carranza

What does it mean to you to have an entrepreneurial spirit?

For me, the entrepreneurial spirit is about dreaming big, driving innovation, and connecting community members with services and products that improve their lives. It’s also about continually learning and hard work. But most importantly, it’s about perseverance. Es un sí se puede!

What is it about rural Colorado culture that is so unique to small business success and growth?

Rural residents are resilient. They’re used to coming together, and overcoming the odds. I think these traits are woven into local business cultures too. It´s what sets us apart.

What experiences, skills, and resources are you most excited to share with FSWCF?

In my work, I help connect marginalized residents with the services that they need to live fulfilling lives. I look forward to using these skills to help residents access the capital funds they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Read more about Beatriz here.