Maya’s Carniceria received $50,000 in capital from First Southwest Community Fund at Greater Colorado Pitch Series competition 

First Southwest Community Fund recently sponsored the Greater Colorado Pitch Series (GCPS) by providing $50,000 in pre-seed capital to be awarded to a Colorado entrepreneur. We are delighted to announce that Maya’s Carniceria of Rocky Ford has won the funding.

“We at Maya’s Carniceria are so thankful for the support we have received from the First Southwest Community Fund. With these funds Maya’s Carniceria can purchase the necessary equipment and inventory to open our small business and start serving our rural communities in Southeastern Colorado,” said Maya Rivera, Owner of Maya’s Carniceria

Maya Rivera saw there was limited access to fresh produce and meat in Rocky Ford, and she wanted to provide a solution. Maya’s Carniceria provides fresh fruit, vegetables and meat to residents and visitors in Rocky Ford Colorado. In addition to providing food, Maya’s Carniceria will provide support services and referral services to food producers and workers in her rural Colorado community including money transfer services for migrant workers and delivery service for those lacking transportation to access the store. Maya’s Carniceria’s ultimate goal is to help take care of the community, with an emphasis on taking care of the farm labor community.

“One of the most rewarding parts about planning GCPS was helping the pitch participants tell their stories. When working with Maya, I was so excited to help her incorporate more of her family’s story to help explain why Maya’s Carniceria was needed in Rocky Ford. Her family is deeply rooted in the community and understands the challenges of food growers and laborers. They are using this knowledge to build Maya’s Carniceria around the community’s needs, showing her understanding of her customer. It’s a beautiful story but also one that makes economic sense to invest in, and Maya did an excellent job crafting her pitch,” said Kiki Hooton, GCPS Coordinator

To participate in the Greater Colorado Pitch Series, Rivera filled out an application and provided the basics of her business and her needs. There were a total of 114 applicants, and she was one of 12 who made it to the second round of the competition, which included a review of her business plan and financial projections. Next, she was selected as one of two finalists to move to the final round of competition where she received one-on-one coaching to develop her business pitch. During the final round she presented her pitch and was chosen to receive the funding.

Photo L-R: Azarel Madrigal, Executive Director FSWCF, Maya Rivera, Owner Maya’s Carniceria, and Yani Rodriguez, Entrepreneur Success Coordinator FSWCF