Join us in welcoming Jason Medina as our newest board member! Keep reading to learn more about what motivates Jason and why he chose to join us.

Why did you decide to become a FSWCF board member?
I was honored to be asked to interview for the FSWCF board, because of the incredible work the Community Fund does to strengthen our local economy. The opportunities they provide to our smaller businesses and budding entrepreneurs is unsurpassed in our area.

What about FSWCF excites you the most?
The fact that the FSWCF continues to find resources to support our local businesses, and the commitment to provide more opportunities in other areas is what excites me the most. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential reach of this organization!

Are there any local businesses that you know that have benefited from FSWCF?
In prior collaborations I have had with the FSWCF, there have been over 30 local entrepreneurs and businesses who have received funding through the Community Fund. Some of these include Two Camels and a Yurt, Tacos Martinez, Spindrift Sandboards, SLV PrepFuel and too many more to name!

What does it mean to you to have an entrepreneurial spirit?
Having an entrepreneurial spirit to me is understanding that there may be barriers to success, yet having the courage to break through those barriers. It’s about not being afraid to fail and fall a few times on the path to success!

What is it about rural Colorado culture that is so unique to small business success and growth?
Lack of resources and fewer opportunities make it tougher for rural entrepreneurs to find a niche. Overcoming these barriers is what makes rural businesses so strong, resourceful and ultimately sustainable.

What experiences, skills, and resources are you most excited to share with FSWCF?
Being a business owner myself and the former Director of our local SBDC, I feel like I have a finger on the pulse of the economy of the SLV. I hope to lend a PERSONAL lens to how this organization views rural business, entrepreneurism, and the culture of our unique communities.