Welcome Tanya Perea Doose to the First Southwest Community Fund board of directors! Keep reading to read what motivates Tanya and why she chose to join us.

Why did you decide to become a FSWCF board member?
I have seen firsthand the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on our small businesses. Many rural small businesses on the western side of the state don’t have many options for non-traditional lending. Working with organizations like FSWCF, has been a very uplifting experience to know and understand the impact these loans will have on many small businesses to provide growth and employment. There are also pathways for new entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and in our rural communities the positive impact of new business lends to the strength of the communities.

What about FSWCF excites you the most?
Seeing the wave of relief from our small businesses and entrepreneurs when they are able to access the capital they need to start or continue their dreams of owning their own businesses.

Are there any local businesses that you know that have benefited from FSWCF?
Hopefully soon and/or yes-Capitol Deli, Dusti Budd. Fingers crossed.

What does it mean to you to have an entrepreneurial spirit?
I believe that having an entrepreneurial spirit means that you have creativity that spills over into ideas that then leads to a dream or vision for a product or service. The goal is to provide education and resources to help make their dreams come true.

What is it about rural Colorado culture that is so unique to small business success and

Rural Colorado culture is so unique to SB success and growth because rural communities lead in farming, ranching and agriculture. Historically, migrant workers have been a huge part of our communities and families. This makes our rural communities landmarks of different races, ideologies, cultures and languages. We all work together to support each other, which translates into supporting small businesses. As rural communities grow, this opens the doors for more small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What experiences, skills, and resources are you most excited to share with FSWCF?
I am excited to plug in where I am needed. My goal is to support the mission and vision of FSWCF, collaborate, provide small business perspectives and expand the organization into new areas across our state and offer more opportunities to our rural small businesses and entrepreneurs.